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22nd May 2013

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Debenhams Indonesia Presents “Fabulously British Spring/Summer 2013”

* April 20th, 2013 at Senayan City

This event was a big deal for me, you already know the reason. Haha. Debenhams, one of the largest retail outlets in the world from the UK and one of the favorite stores in Jakarta have held a fashion show to present this year’s spring-summer collections. The collection consists of clothing for ladies, men, and children, from daily outfit to formal outfit. Not only a fashion show, the visitors have also been entertained by three charming men from BLAKE. You should check their website to see how charming they are. Another charming man who had been present at the event was Nigel Barker (noted photographer, one of the judges on America’s Next Top Model, and host of The Face). And this event hosted by Joey Mead King (Judge & Mentor for Asia’s Next Top Model). More than a big deal huh? Me as a huge fan of Next Top Model was extremely happy to see Nigel & Joey in Jakarta. BIG smile :)

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